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6 Channel 2.4GHz XBee Fully Programmable Remote Control
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6 Channel 2.4GHz XBee Fully Programmable Remote Control

Product ID: NR-REM-02
Weight: 605 gms
Price: Rs.10,068.07

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6 Channel 2.4GHz XBee Fully Programmable Remote Control is based on ATMEGA8. It has 10 pin ISP socket coming out of the remote so that user can modify remote control’s firmware using any AVR ISP programmer. Remote comes with inbuilt 2 axis accelerometer so that you can control robots by simply tilting the remote control. Remote has two 2 axis analog joysticks and two switches. If required you can also add 4 more switches. Remote has buzzer to give audio messages.

Remote control comes with source code based on AVR Studio which you can modify as per your requirement. Remote control comes without XBee wireless module. You have to buy XBee (100 meters range LOS) of XBee Pro (1600meters LOS) separately. NEX Robotics can ship the remote control with XBee wireless module preinstalled.

You can use ATMEGA640 Development Board and ARM7 LPC2148 Development Board directly as receiver after installing XBee wireless receiver on it.

This is made to order product and has 4 weeks lead time.


  • Two 2 axis analog joysticks
  • 2 Switches
  • 2 axis accelerometer
  • 4 additional switches can be added
  • Fully programmable. Based on ATMEGA8. ISP connector comes out of the remote for ISP programming
  • Works on 8 cells. Can be modified to work on 3 cell Lithium polymer battery pack
  • Range of 1600 meters line of sight with XBee Pro wireless module
  • Range of 100 meters line of sight with XBee wireless module
  • Requires 8 AA size batteries

Package contains

6 Channel 2.4GHz Remote Control (without XBee wireless module)
2 Axis accelerometer (preinstalled)

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ROHS Compliant : YES

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