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ACS714 20Amp Hall Effect Current Sensor ModuleTact Switch

ACS714 5Amp Hall Effect Current Sensor Module
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ACS714 5Amp Hall Effect Current Sensor Module

Product ID: NR-CS-ACS714-5A
Weight: 1 gms
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The ACS714 5Amp current sensor provides economical and precise solutions for AC or DC current sensing in robotics and automotive applications. Typical applications include motor control, load detection and management, switch-mode power supplies, and over current fault protection. The device consists of a precise, low-offset, linear Hall circuit with a copper conduction path located near the surface of the die. Applied current flowing through this copper conduction path generates a magnetic field which the Hall IC converts into a proportional voltage. The output of the device has a positive slope (>VIOUT(Q)) when an increasing current flows through the primary copper conduction path (from pins 1 and 2, to pins 3 and 4), which is the path used for current sampling. The internal resistance of this conductive path is 1.2 mΩ typical, providing low power loss. The thickness of the copper conductor allows survival of the device at up to 5× over current conditions. The terminals of the conductive path are electrically isolated from the signal leads (pins 5 through 8). This allows the ACS714 to be used in applications requiring electrical isolation without the use of opto-isolators or other costly isolation techniques.


  • Single 5V supply operation.
  • Optimized Input range (IP) : +/- 30Amp
  • Sensitivity : 185mV/Amp
  • Low noise analog signal path,
  • Stable output offset voltage
  • Bandwidth is set via a filter capacitor
  • 1.2mOhm internal copper conductor resistance
  • 2.1kVRMS minimum isolation voltage
  • Ratio metric output is possible from supply voltage

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ACS714 5Amp Hall Effect Current Sensor Module


Product Manual

ACS714 Datasheet

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