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PCB Printing Sheet 14cm x 10.6
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PCB Printing Sheet 14cm x 10.6

Product ID: NR-PCB-PRS-03
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PCB Printing Sheet 14cm x 10.6 is used for quick PCB prototyping. To make the PCB all you have to do is take printout of the PCB layout on this paper using laser printer, transfer the print on the PCB using household iron and itch the board using Ferrous Chloride (Fe2Cl3) solution. With bit of experience you can also make a double sided PCB using this paper. We have tested this prototyping sheet up to 0.3mm track thickness.

PCB Printing sheet is made up of Plastic material with loosely coupled polymer coating on the sheet. When PCB artwork is printed using laser printer, black ink of the toner gets strongly bonded with the loosely coupled polymers. This process produces thick transfer material. When PCB Printing Sheet is ironed using household iron on the freshly cleaned copper clad PCB board, Toner ink sticks on the copper layer of the PCB. After ironing, PCB Printing Sheet is gently pealed off using force of the slowly flowing cold tap water. Toner ink from the laser printer containing the artwork which is further reinforced by the bonded polymer gets transferred on the copper clad PCB. Now PCB can be itched in Ferrous Chloride (Fe2Cl3) solution. Fe2Cl3 eats away any free copper and only PCB artwork remains on the PCB. Now PCB is ready for prototyping after cleaning, drilling and cutting.

Note: For all the equipments required for the PCB prototyping, browse through the PCB Prototyping category.

For Step by Step detailed instructions to make PCB download the PCB Printing Sheet user manual.


Steps involved in making PCB in Brief:

As a example PCB for ATMEGA128 microcontroller with 0.4mm track width is designed

Step1: Design PCB in any PCB designing software


Step 2: Print the PCB layout on any A4 white paper using laser printer. Here HP1020+ laser printer is used.


Step 3: Stick the slight bigger size pice of PCB Printing Sheet on the white paper on the PCB print and take printout


Step 4: Take copper clad PCB board and clean its surface using fine grade polish paper


Step 5: Put the PCB Printing Sheet on the PCB and to transfer the print, iron it with the household iron.


Step 6: Peal of the PCB Printing Sheet carefully under cold running water from the PCB board


Step 7: Itch the PCB using Ferrous Chloride (Fe2Cl3) solution

Step 8: Clean the masking of the itched PCB using fine grade polish paper

Step 9: Drill the holes, solder the component. Mask the copper track with the solder to increase the life of the PCB.

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ROHS Compliant : NO

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