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Dexter ER-1 Robotic Arm without Controller and Accessories
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Dexter ER-1 Robotic Arm without Controller and Accessories

Weight: 1500 gms
Price: Rs.13,922.36

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Dexter ER-1 Heavy Duty Robotic Arm without Controller and Accessories comes fully assembled and ready to use. It does not have any servo control card, Software or any other accessories. For complete set refer to Dexter ER-1 Robotic Arm with Controller and Accessories

Dexter ER-1 Heavy Duty Robotic Arm is a 5 Axis robotic Arm + Servo Gripper. It uses four metal gear servo motors with 15Kg/cm torque and two servo motors with 7Kg/cm torque. Robot Arm has 5 degrees of freedom which includes Base rotation, Shoulder rotation, Elbow rotation, Wrist pitch and roll.

Servo motion profile generator GUI is used for quickly generating servo motion profile for the robot. GUI can access each servo motor individually in real-time. We can select individual servo motor’s velocity. We can also generate, edit and play motion sequence (motion profile) using GUI.

Dexter ER-1 Robotic Arm Dimensions

Robotic Arm GUI NEX Robotics

Technical specification:

Mechanical Structure
Vertical articulated
Number of Axes 5 axes plus servo gripper
Axis Movement
Axis 1: Base rotation 180°
Axis 2: Shoulder rotation* 180°
Axis 3: Elbow rotation 180°
Axis 4: Wrist pitch 180°
Axis 5: Wrist roll 180°
Maximum Operating Radius 320mm
End Effecter DC servo motor based gripper with Parallel
finger motion
Maximum Gripper Opening 55mm
Hard Home Yes


5VDC servo motors

Motor Capacity (axes 1–4)


Motor Capacity (axes 5) 7Kg/cm
Motor Capacity (gripper) 7Kg/cm
Total number of Servo Motors 6
Maximum Payload 50gms
Weight 1.5Kg
Ambient Operating conditions 2°–40°C (36°–104°F) 10% to 90% relative

Maximum Payload Possible with Dexter ER2 Robotic Arm:

Maximum Possible Weight with Dexter ER2 Robotic Arm:


  • Before using the robotic arm ensure that the robotic arm is kept in an area where lots of free space is available.
  • Before use mount the robotic arm using screws / nuts and bolts on the table.
  • Do not keep arm in stretched position for more than few minutes at a stretch, else servo motors will get damaged because of overheating.
  • This is light duty robotic arm. It will face difficulty for lifting itself from flat out posture from ground to vertical position while keeping it self straight. You will need to bend it before lifting.
For ready to use robotic arm refer to Dexter ER-2 Heavy Duty Robotic Arm with Controller and Accessories or Dexter ER-1 Robotic Arm with Controller and Accessories

Kit contains:
Dexter ER-1 Robotic Arm

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ROHS Compliant : NO

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mundhe  (Monday, 16 April 2012)
Rating: 5
try to availabale in minimum cost please for

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