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Longbow Hexapod
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Longbow Hexapod

Weight: 3 kg
Price: Rs.62,932.07

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Longbow Hexapod is a high performance 6 legged robot designed for walking over rough terrain. Robot has six legs. Each leg is made up of three NRS-995 17kg/cm torque dual bearing metal gear servo motors.

Robot's motion controller has 18 servo channels to control robot's 6 legs and 2 channels for pan and tilt action of the wireless camera / sensor pod. Motion controller board has eight 10 bit ADC's available in 3 pin headers for easy sensor interface and external interrupt switch. It also has I2C , SPI and TTL UART bus for adding more payloads like wireless receiver, GPS, inertial navigation unit, environmental sensors etc.

Robot is powered by high performance rechargeable battery and the package also contains smart battery charger, which extends the battery use able life. Robot has separate battery monitoring module to predict battery life.

Robot is shipped fully assembled and ready to use. Robot comes with application examples for remote control and 4 different types of motions in AVR Studio 6. Robot motion control is based on motion control library from NEX Robotics. The documentation CD contains all the manuals, necessary software's and application examples written by using the motion control library files form NEX Robotics.

Longbow Hexapod Robot

Longbow Hexapod platform for radiation measurement

Technical Specifications:

  • Locomotion: 6 legs. Each leg has 3 servo motors.
  • Servo motor: NRS-995 servo motor from NEX Robotics having 17Kg/cm torque, dual ball bearings and metal gears.
  • Height: 7cm (Base is on the ground)
  • Height: 18.5cm (Standing)
  • width: 60cm (All the legs spread out)
  • width: 34cm (Standing)
  • length: 40cm
  • Weight: 2.942 gms
  • Battery: Rechargeable battery
  • Battery Charger: Intelligent battery charger.
  • Remote control

Robot controller specifications:

  • Microcontroller: ATMEGA1284P
  • Servo control channels: 18 for six legs and 2 for wireless camera / sensor pod pan and tilt
  • ADCs: Eight 10 bit ADCs in 3 pin servo configuration (ADC, 5V and Ground)
  • One Interrupt switch
  • One I/O switch
  • One Reset switch
  • One UART
  • Omnidirectional remote control receiver
  • ISP Port for In System Programming

IDE: AVR Studio 6
Demo codes:

  1. Remote control demo code based on motion control library from NEX Robotics
  2. Even terrain slow walking code based on motion control library from NEX Robotics
  3. Even terrain fast walking code based on motion control library from NEX Robotics
  4. Rough terrain slow walking code based on motion control library from NEX Robotics
  5. Rough terrain fast walking code based on motion control library from NEX Robotics

Control mode:

  1. Fully autonomous
  2. remote control

Kit contains:

  • Longbow robot (fully assembled and ready to use)
  • remote control
  • Rechargable Battery
  • Intelligent battery charger

Note: Robot does not contain any sharp sensor pod, customer has to purchase this sharp sensor and servo pod seperately.

You will also require:
AVR programmer like AVRISP mkII or any other AVR programmer supporting ATMEGA1284P microcontroller

Optional accessories:
Wireless camera pod
Sharp sensor pods
IR Range sensors
Maxbotix EZ4 ultrasonic range sensorsGPS module (no software support provided)

Longbow robot from NEX Robotics and robot controller

Legal notice:
The design rights for Longbow series of legged platforms are owned by Nex Robotics. Legal action will be taken against organizations or individuals found guilty of plagiarism / copying.

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ROHS Compliant : NO

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